Cancellation Policy

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In the capacity of a user or customer, you may cancel your order placed through your account till the order cut-off time. We shall refund the amount as permissible and in the manner as described in our Return and Refund Policy for valid cancellations made in accordance to this Agreement and our policies. In addition to an event of any erroneous, fraudulent, illegal, invalid or suspicious activity related to any transaction of cancellation, we shall also be at our sole discretion to take any action against any transaction and/or the user including the cancellation of an order/transaction if existing circumstances like non-availability of goods or services, their availability in a compromised form or in a form different from as described in the website or any other similar reason which may cause harm to efficient delivery of our service, necessitates so. Similarly, any decision on any permissible refund for the foregoing shall be decided exclusively by us in accordance to this Agreement and our Return and Refund Policy.

Furthermore, we shall be entitled to have a database consisting of details of any and all of such erroneous, fraudulent, illegal, invalid or suspicious activities and related customers/users and/or accounts thereto in order to avoid any re-occurrence of such or similar activities, to take necessary actions including but not limited to legal actions and to put appropriate restrictions, denials and safety & security measures in place for the same.

We do not and cannot take any guarantee, warranty, liability or any other kind of accountability possible with respect to correctness, accuracy and absoluteness of any description or specification of any product, goods, service, offer or deal available our website. There could be issues related to the same due to manual, technical and/or typographical glitches, errors or other issues. Therefore, you are hereby advised to proceed at your own risks, expenses and liabilities. We shall not be liable or accountable at any time, for any reasons or purposes whatsoever and for any issues related to the foregoing. However, if any such errors or other issues come to our notice and we concludethat you should be aware of them, then we shall notify you of the same at the earliest.

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